What is a Pre-purchase Strata Inspection?

A Pre-purchase inspection is the inspection of the books and records of a Strata Scheme on behalf of prospective purchaser, mortgagee or any party who has an interest in that Lot or Strata Scheme.

Why should I obtain a Pre-purchase Strata Inspection Report?

When you purchase a lot in a Strata Scheme you automatically become a member of the Owner’s Corporation. The Owners Corporation is legally responsible for the Assets and Liabilities of that Strata Scheme. An area of concern for any prospective purchaser when purchasing a lot in a Strata Scheme should be the Liabilities ‘Current or Pending”. A Pre-purchase Strata Inspection will provide you with the relevant information so you can make an informed decision regarding the Strata Scheme you are intending to purchase into.

What details should a Per-purchase Strata Inspection report provide?

A Per-purchase Strata Inspection should provide details regarding the:

The Owners Corporation
Information pertaining to the Lot being purchased
Insurance and Valuations
Financial position of the Owners Corporation “the Asset and Liability”
Levies – Administration Fund Levy, Sinking Fund Levy and Special levy
Matter of concern to a Prospective Purchaser
Evidence of any major expenditure being considered by the Owners Corporation

What does AAA Strata Inspections do?

AAA Strata Inspections provides an independent and unbiased overview to a Prospective Purchasers regarding the general management, financial position and any matters of concern regarding the Strata Scheme the Prospective Purchaser is intending to buy into.

What other services do AAA Strata Inspections provided?

AAA Strata Inspections concentrates exclusively on providing pre-purchase inspection, this is so it can focus on providing Accurate, Reliable, Prompt and easy to read reports.

What insurances do AAA Strata Inspections hold?

AAA Strata Management is fully insured, it carries comprehensive Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.
AAA Strata Inspections believes that it is essential that any Pre-purchase Inspection Company engaged by you is fully insured for your protection. The insurance offer you assurance to back up the accuracy of all AAA Strata Inspection reports.
If you would like to see a copy of the Certificates of Currency, AAA Strata Inspections is happy to provide you with this information upon your request.

What are the Qualifications of AAA Strata Inspections?

The Directors of AAA Strata Inspections have over 20 years experience in the Strata, Real Estate and Financial Industries.

They currently hold under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002

The following valid Licences

Strata Managing Agent Licences – (Licence Numbers 862956 and 903873)
Real Estate Agents Licences – (Licence Numbers 862956 and 903873)
Business Agents Licences – (Licence Numbers 862956 and 903873)
Stock and Station Agent Licences – (Licence Numbers 862956)

When can I expect to receive my copy of the report?

We guarantee to provide you with your copy of the report within 48 hours of gaining access to the records. (Excludes weekends and public holidays) Your copy of the report will be emailed to you.

I urgently need a Pre-purchase Strata Inspection Report.

In some cases it may be possible to provide you with an urgent report – there will be some additional cost but if you need it urgently we will endeavor to provide the report to you. Please let us know if it is urgent and we will see if it is possible to accommodate your needs.

Do I need to obtain a pest and building inspection report?

If you are buying any Strata Titled property, obtaining a pre-purchase Strata Inspection report should be the minimum search that you do.
At AAA Strata Inspections we highly recommend that you seriously consider obtaining a pest and building inspection report along with the pre-purchase Strata Inspection Report.

There is a concern I have about the property. Can you check into this for me?

If you require a particular matter to be given special attention just let us know prior to the inspection being carried out and AAA Strata Inspections will ensure that special attention is given to any concerns that you may have. This is normally provided at no extra charge.

How Do I pay for the Pre-purchase Strata Inspection?

For casual clients AAA Strata Inspections accepts direct deposit payment and with account clients accepts direct deposit payment and business cheques.
With exception of account clients payment must be received prior to the report being released to the client.

Does the Pre-purchase Strata Report tell me if I should or should not buy the property?

The reports provided by AAA Strata Inspections are not designed to advise a prospective purchaser whether or not they should proceed with a purchase.

AAA Strata Inspections reports will provide you with relevant information so that you can make an informed decision as to whether the property you are looking at purchasing does fulfills your requirements at the time of purchase.

Do I need to pay for the report if I decide not to proceed with the purchase of the property?

Yes, the report fee is payable whether or not the purchase proceeds.

What are your bank details?

Supartra Pty Ltd
T/A AAA Strata Inspections
Westpac BSB 032-573 Acc 21-8775